by chrisrussodraws

Figure drawing has always been a really important exercise for me, and life drawing classes are pretty much where I learned to draw in the first place. I’m forunate enough to live in Brooklyn, where life drawing classes nearby are easy to come by, but the first class I ever took, one I still attend today, was a Long Island based class called The Drawing Studio LI. Check out the teacher Jeffrey Fisher’s facebook page, there’s hundreds of drawings and life studies by people from the class by people of all different artistic backgrounds and skill levels. (including me!)

This is one of my earliest figure drawings I did there, around five or six years ago.

One class in Brooklyn I started attending relatively recently is 3rd Ward’s Drink and Draw, in Bushwick. It’s $15 ($10 with a friend) for three hours worth of drawing plus all the beer you can drink (if you’re not too proud for PBR). They’ve got tons of other classes and membership deals, too, so I really recommend looking them up if you live in Brooklyn.

I’m also a big fan of the Society of Illustrator’s figure drawing nights. They’re only $7 with a student ID and the models usually have themed costumes on Thursday nights. The last one I went to they were dressed up like flappers.

I also very recently discovered a male figure drawing class at the LGBT center in Manhattan, which I was pretty excited about trying. It’s a bit early on Saturday mornings, but totally worth it, and I’m really looking forward to going again. (Sadly, I don’t have a page I can link to for this one)

Any of you out there have a particular class you’d like to share? Let me know here or e-mail me: